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Sermon 22nd April 2018 - Acts 2:42-47

Sermon 15th April 2018 - The road to Emmaus

Sermon 8th April 2018 - John 20:19-31

Sermon 1st April 2018 - Easter Sunday

Sermon series - Life's Difficult Questions

Sermon 25th March 2018 - How do you want to be rememberd after you die?

Sermon 18th March 2018 - Can Christians get involved in politics?

Sermon 11th March 2018 - Freewill or predestination?

Sermon 4th March 2018 - How do you define success?

Sermon 25th February 2018 - Is there a sin God cannot forgive? 

Sermon 18th February 2018 - What happens after I die? 

Sermon 14th February 2018 - Ash Wednesday

Sermon 11th February 2018 - What about other faiths?

Sermon 4th February 2018 - Who am I?

Sermon 28th January 2018 - Is Christ the only way?

Sermon 21st January 2018 - Why do good people suffer and bad people prosper?

Sermon 14th January 2018 - Why does God allow suffering?

Sermon 7th January 2018 - Did God really create the universe? 

Sermon series - Christmas

Sermon 10th December - Carols by Candlelight

Sermon 10th December - Mark 7:1-8

Sermon 3rd December - Malachi 3:1-6, Acts 8:26-40

Sermon series - Acts

Sermon 26th November - Acts 27:13-44

Sermon 19th November - Acts 16:16-40

Sermon 12th November - Acts 13:1-3, 15:36-40

Sermon 5th November, Acts 12:1-19

Sermon 29th October, Acts 1-12

Sermon 22nd October, Acts 9:1-19

Sermon 15th October, Acts 6:8-15, 8:1-3

Sermon 8th October, Acts 5:1-11

Sermon 1st October 2017, Acts 4:32-37

Sermon 24th September 2017 - Acts 4:23-31

Sermon 17th September 2017 - Acts 3:1-12a

Sermon 10th September 2017 - Acts 2:37-47

Sermon 3rd September 2017 - Acts 2:1-13

Sermon 27th August 2017 - Psalm 91

Sermon 20th August 2017 - Psalm 23, John 10. 14 - 16

Sermon 13th August 2017 - Psalm 1

Sermon series - Galations

Sermon 6th August 2017 - Galations 6:1-10

Sermon 30th July 2017 - Galations 6:11-18

Sermon 23rd July 2017 - Baptism

Sermon 16th July 2017 - Galations 5:13-26

Sermon 9th July 2017 - Galations 5:2-12

Sermon 2nd July 2017 - Galations 4: 21-31, 5:1

Sermon 25th June 2017 - Galations 4:8-20 (part 2)

Sermon 24th June 2017 - Galations 4:8-20 (part 1)

Sermon 18th June 2017 - Galations 3:23-26

Sermon 11th June 2017 - Galations 3:15-22

Talk 11th June 2017 - Parish Giving Scheme

Sermon 4th June 2017 - Galations 3:1-14

Sermon 21st May 2017 - Galations 2:1-10

Sermon 7th May 2017 - Deserting the One who called

Sermon 30th April 2017 - Signs of Life

Sermon series - Sunday School Stories

Sermon 16th April 2017 - Easter Day

Sermon 9th April 2017 - Palm Sunday

Sermon 26th March 2017 - Hannah

Sermon 19th March 2017 - David and Goliath

Talk 12th March 2017 - FRRME  (poor quality recording - apologies)

Sermon 12th March 2017 - The Creation  (poor quality recording - apologies)

Sermon 5th March 2017 - Noah (poor quality recording - apologies)

Sermon series - I AM

Sermon 26th February 2017, I AM the True Vine

Sermon 19th February, I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life

Sermon 12th February, I AM the Resurrection and the Life

Sermon 5th February, I AM the Good Shepherd

Sermon 29th January 2017, Being like children (All-age)

Sermon 22nd January 2017, I AM the Gate

Sermon 15th January 2017, I AM the Light

Sermon 8th January 2017, I AM the Bread of Life

Sermon series - Advent and Christmas

Sermon 1st January 2017, New Begining

Sermon 25th Decmber 2016, Christmas Day

Sermon 24th December 2016, Christmas Eve

Sermon 18th December 2016, Carols by Candlelight

Sermon 18th December 2016, Nativity

Sermon 11th December 2016, Prepare the Way

Sermon 4th December 2016, Advent

Sermon series - The Apostles' Creed

Sermon 27th November 2016, ...and the life everlasting.

Sermon 20th November 2016, ..the resurrection of the body... (Sorry, recording not available)

Sermon 13th November 2016, ...the forgiveness of sins...

Sermon 6th November 2016, ...the holy catholic Church, the communion of saints...

Sermon 30th October 2016, I believe in the Holy Spirit...

Sermon 23rd October 2016, ...and He will come to judge the living and the dead

Sermon 16th October 2016, ...he ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the father...

Sermon 9th October 2016, ..on the third day He rose again...

Sermon 2nd October 2016, ..suffered...died...buried...descended...

Sermon 25th September 2016, ...conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary...

Sermon 18th September 2016, I belive in Jesus Christ his only Son, our Lord.

Sermon 11th September 2016, I belive in God the Father

Sermon 4th September 2016, Tithing 

Sermon series - Why Bother with the Bible?

Sermon 28th August 2016, Whst do I do if I don't desire to read the Bible?

Sermon 21st August 2016, The Bible and Prayer

Sermon 14th Augst, 2016, Become like children

Sermon 7th August 2016, How often do we need to read the Bible?

Sermon 31st July 2016, What does a Bible-saturated life look like?  

31st July 2016 - Interview with Neil and Abby Langmead

Sermon 24th July 2016, The Bible and Spiritual Warfare

Sermon 17th July 2016, What do I do when what I read doesn’t fit with the culture? 

Sermon 10th July 2016, How do we interpret Bible verses

Sermon 3rd July 2016, Logos and Rhema

Sermon 26th June 2016, How to read the Bible (sorry, this recording is not available but written notes are)

Sermon 19th June 2016, Why do we need to read The Bible?

Sermon 12th June 2016, The Bible and Marriage (apologies, poor quality recording)

Sermon 5th June 2016, Is the Bible God's Word?

Sermon series - The Great God

Sermon 29th May 2016, His Great Commission

Sermon 22nd May 2016, His Great Promises

Sermon 15th May 2016, His Great Plan

Sermon 8th May 2016, The Great God